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Step 2- In addition, attention to the following list will fortify your foundation:

– Get as much natural light as possible and spend time in nature [You must prioritize your circadian biology (biological clock system)]

– Charge your electromagnetic battery – grounding and reduce overall EMF exposure

– Express a more comprehensive version of you – hormetic stress exposure:

  •  heat exposure – sauna.
  •  cold exposure.
  •  fasting (many different types depending upon specific goals)
  • optimize your biome – fiber and fermented foods, play in the dirt, and love on your pet


This video series provides an overview of the practices and supplements that will result in improvements in health through the holidays and the rest of your life.

The accompanying outline provides an overview of the material in the video series.


Join Dr. Gus Vickery for Healthy for the Holidays. Start the New Year happier, leaner, stronger, and all-around healthier.