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Step 1- Lay a Strong Foundation and Keep it Strong

You must first establish a strong foundation of health. The cornerstones of optimal health must be established and maintained to optimize physical and emotional wellbeing, build a strong immune system, and maintain a healthy body composition.

What are the foundation stones of health?

(This list is not exhaustive)

– You must maintain an optimized nutrient status – amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, other micronutrients, hydration, phytonutrients, calories (note that calories come last for adults)

– You must prioritize your circadian biology (biological clock system) and get sufficient sleep

– You must move your body and engage in consistent exercise (preferably strength training).

– You must balance your overall stress environment so that you maintain a balanced nervous system

– You must optimize your environment so that it supports your health rather than erodes it


This video series provides an overview of the practices and supplements that will result in improvements in health through the holidays and the rest of your life.

The accompanying outline provides an overview of the material in the video series.


Join Dr. Gus Vickery for Healthy for the Holidays. Start the New Year happier, leaner, stronger, and all-around healthier.