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Additional information about using this approach for weight loss is found at the end of the protocol

Many of my patients have asked me for the details of my personal approach to nutrition. Although I would have always been happy to share my approach, I didn’t typically speak much about it because I thought most people would not prefer to adopt my protocol. However, as I begin to share my personal protocol, and some of my patients begin to utilize it, I received feedback that they found it easy, effective, affordable, and it helped them to achieve their specific nutrition goals.

My approach has been crafted over years based on my deep study of nutrition, genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, and my experience working with thousands of patients observing how changes in their diet impact their health. In addition, I’ve tested many variations of this approach on myself over time and have consistently experienced improvements in how I feel, my body composition, and my biometric assessments.

My approach is designed to overcome specific challenges associated with our modern diets. The first problem is that our modern food supply does not provide the diversity and density of nutrients we need for optimal health. This is unfortunate, but it’s a fact. Our soil is depleted in key minerals, many of our animal-based products are derived from unnatural practices that create unhealthy animals, and much of our food supply has been contaminated with toxicants.

It’s been my observation, based on reviewing nutritional data and advising and assessing patients, that supplementation is necessary to maintain optimal nutrient status. The second problem is the toxicant burden associated with our food supply. Even if you’re making every effort to purchase non-GMO organic produce, pasture-raised humanely treated animals, and scrutinizing labels, you will still end up with toxicants associated with the foods you eat. I have confirmed this on many patients using urinary toxicant panels. The most common one I observe is glyphosate which is terrible for our gut biome and our human system.

I know that there are some exceptions to this. There are some individuals that have the time and resources to partner with local farmers and food producers and grow their own food and perhaps they are able to provide themselves with the comprehensive nutrients they need and minimize toxicant exposure. However, in my experience, most individuals are not able to do this. My protocol is designed to overcome these challenges.

In addition, my protocol was designed to reduce the number of decisions you have to make about what you will eat and to be efficient and easy to do for busy people.

I want to emphasize that I believe that eating food is important, and I enjoy eating food. This protocol is designed to make sure I get all the protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, and micronutrients my body needs to thrive without exposing myself to a high toxicant burden. I still enjoy preparing and eating healthy dinners with my family. I still enjoy gathering with others and eating regular foods. As much as possible, I try to make sure the food I eat is nutritious and non-toxic.

This protocol can be used in conjunction with calorie restriction for weight loss, or it can be used to complement eating adequately to maintain a healthy weight. Later in this document, I discuss how to use this approach for weight loss.

It’s also important to remember that some individuals have specific sensitivities and medical issues that may necessitate modifying my protocol or not using it at all. I’m not recommending others utilize this protocol without discussing it with their medical provider and making sure that it’s right for them. However, for most healthy individuals, this protocol should not cause any harm.

Most days of the week, I prepare two food-based shakes a day. I consume one between 9 and 10 AM in the morning and the next one somewhere between 12:30 and 1:30 PM in the afternoon. I then eat a nutritious dinner in the evening. The shakes contain high-quality protein from supplemental food-based sources combined with additional essential amino acids, diverse forms of fiber, and phytonutrients from both green and red-based sources. Along with the shakes I take key supplements to make sure I optimize my nutrient status. What I have found, and what others have reported to me who utilize this protocol, is that after consuming one of these shakes, I typically do not feel hungry for hours. In addition, I note good mental and physical energy and normal bowel function.

It’s critically important that people get an adequate amount of protein in the diet. Protein is the most important macronutrient. Without enough protein, we lose muscle mass and bone mass, we experience an increase in hunger, and our body is not able to create all the different hormones, neurotransmitters, and other bio-compounds that are important for normal function. In addition, to maintain gut health, digestive function, optimal detoxification function, bone density, connective tissue and skin integrity, and muscle mass, you must get adequate protein. Most people I meet with are not consuming enough protein. However, protein need is based on individual variables. Therefore, I recommend you use a protein calculator such as the one available at to determine your needs based on your goals and circumstances.

I utilize essential amino acid supplements in my protocol. I recommend this for all my patients. Adding essential AA’s optimizes protein synthesis and helps to maintain and build lean body mass. I include additional information about essential amino acids at the bottom of this document.

In addition, our bodies need specific fatty acids to maintain normal function. We need specific omega-3, omega-6, omega-9, and other fatty acids for our health.

For most of us, maintaining an adequate intake of both soluble and insoluble fibers will improve the health of our gut biome and our metabolic health. Most individuals do not consume enough fiber. In addition, if you tolerate them well, having at least 2 portions (a portion is 4 tablespoons) of fermented foods a day is beneficial for the gut biome and reduces food cravings. Fermented foods and beverages include Kombucha, Kefir, Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Miso, various fermented vegetables, properly fermented yogurt, and others.

Finally, we need adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals, and many other phytonutrients if we want to experience optimal health throughout our life.

The links for the specific products I use are listed at the bottom of this document.

  • For those who prefer to consume other foods in addition to the shakes, I provide some suggested options later in this document
  • For those who feel blending these different food-based supplements is more than they wish to do (the whole process takes me about 5 minutes, and I have the afternoon ingredients already prepared in a container that I carry with me), I provide a meal replacement option later in this document

For my morning shake, I mix 15 grams of whey protein (a plant-based protein is appropriate as well), (in addition I either take 5 essential amino acid tablets with this or add one scoop of the essential amino acid powder- one dose of the essential amino acids is the equivalent of 30 grams of whey protein or 15-20 grams of food based protein such as beef, eggs, or seafood), a scoop of a greens-based organic phytonutrient powder, and a half scoop of raw organic fiber. For those who are interested in improving exercise performance and strength, you can also mix 5 grams of creatine powder. In addition, over time, I use different prebiotic fibers that are also good for my gut biome. I mix this in water and drink it quickly. Along with this shake, I take an omega-3 capsule, a cod liver oil capsule, food-based nitrate capsules to optimize nitric oxide availability, and desiccated beef liver capsules. In addition, I take a teaspoon of organic bee pollen granules with this beverage.

For my second shake, I use the same combination of 15 grams of whey protein and the essential amino acid supplement, a scoop of a reds-based organic phytonutrient powder, and another half scoop of the fiber. With this shake, I take two additional cod liver oil capsules and additional beef liver capsules.

I add Redmond’s sea salt or trace minerals to each shake, and I add a pinch of Redmond’s sea salt or trace minerals to my drinking water.

In addition, I take one capsule in the morning and one capsule in the evening of a specific type of magnesium.

Over time, I may rotate different forms of nutrients and prebiotic fiber into my shakes. In addition, I do utilize other supplements for specific purposes.

The combination of the 2 shakes is designed to provide a total of 30 grams of food-based protein, the equivalent of an additional 30-40 grams of protein from the essential amino acids, a healthy amount of soluble and insoluble fiber, and diverse phytonutrients from the plant-based powders. In addition, the fish oil capsules provide the DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids and the cod liver oil capsules provide additional omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and a very important form of vitamin A called retinol.

The liver capsules provide an abundance of nutrients that are hard to get from other sources including riboflavin, choline, retinol, vitamin D, copper, and many others.

The food-based nitrate capsules would only be for those who have done a salivary test to assess their nitrite status and determine that they need additional nitrites for nitric oxide support. This should be discussed with your medical provider.

Utilizing this protocol makes it easy to get the nutrients my body needs, helps me to feel very good, allows me to manage my nutritional intake in an efficient and affordable manner, and results in me feeling really good.

In addition, for those who want to lose weight, the two shakes contain a minimal number of calories which can assist with staying on a reduced-calorie diet if that’s something you wish to do.

In my clinical practice, I’ve realized that most patients have multiple nutrient deficiencies. The most common ones I identify are magnesium, copper, zinc, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, choline, and B vitamins. Utilizing this protocol along with the bee pollen resolves most of those nutrient deficiencies without having to take synthetic multivitamins.

There is a cost associated with the products I use. However, you should compare that to the cost of purchasing foods and it’s likely to be either similar or result in savings.

If you are interested in using the products that I use personally, I have listed them below. We have provided links to each product. For some of these products, we have an affiliate relationship which will provide you with a discount and us with a small commission. Some of these products we keep in stock at our clinic, and because we purchase them at a wholesale price, we can offer additional discounts if you wish to utilize them.

Supplemental Protein

15 grams of total food-based protein (typically, ½ scoop) and the equivalent of 15-20 grams of protein from essential amino acids (5 perfect amino tabs or one serving of the powdered form)

Perfect Amino Essential Amino Acids

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also available at a lower cost at our clinic

– Native Ascent Whey Protein

– Legion Athletics Whey Protein

– Legion Athletics Plant Protein

Click on Legion Athletics

Use code DRGus


– Garden of Life Raw Organic Fiber

Click on Garden of Life

Green Phytonutrient Powder

– Body Health Greens with essential amino acids

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also available at a lower cost at our clinic

Another option is -Bionox Organic Greens with nitrates for nitric oxide support

(available through our clinic)

Red Phytonutrient Powder

– BodyHealth Reds Powder with essential amino acids

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also available at a lower cost at our clinic

Liver Capsules

– Ancestral Supplements Beef Liver Capsules – three capsules in the morning and three in the afternoon.

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids

– BodyHealth Omega-3s – one capsule with morning shake and one with afternoon shake.

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also available at a lower cost at our clinic

Cod Liver Oil

– Jigsaw Cod Liver Oil Capsules – 3 total, I split them into one with morning shake and two with afternoon shake.


– Bio-Optimizers Magnesium – one in the morning and one in the evening.

Click on Bio-Optimizers

Use the code wildhealthasheville for 10% off

Bee Pollen

– Honey Pacifica Organic Bee Pollen – one teaspoon each morning.

Trace Minerals or Sea Salt

Concentrace trace mineral drops

-Redmond’s Sea Salt

Another option for the sea minerals, kelp-based minerals (iodine and others), and bee pollen is Ancestral Supplements Minerals which contains all three. The dose is 6 capsules total a day split into 2 or 3 separate doses. I will likely switch to this product.

– Ancestral Supplements Minerals – three capsules in the morning and three in the afternoon.

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Additional Fatty Acids and Nutrients if Desired for Additional Nutrient Support

Ancestral Supplements Tallow Capsules- 2-3 with each shake (I use this continuously for many reasons including its stearic acid content)

Organic Olive oil- one spoonful

-Organic Black Seed oil- one teaspoon

-Herbs and Spices (cinnamon, turmeric, rosemary, others)

-Mushroom Powders such as Lions Mane, Cordyceps, Chaga, others


-Thorne Phosphatidylcholine capsule

-Thorne Iso-Phos (Phosphatidyl serine) capsule

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Many other options depending upon your goals and needs

Digestive Enzymes and Stomach Acid Support

-Body Health Digestive Enzymes- 2 capsules with meals. Some may benefit from taking these with the shakes if they take acid suppressing medications or other gastrointestinal conditions that impact digestion.

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also available at a lower cost at our clinic

Meal Replacement Option (you still need to take the liver capsules, cod liver oil, omega 3’s, and Magnesium, but you do not need the additional essential amino acids with this option as the product contains them).

  • Body Health Power Meal (available in single packs or a multi-serving container of powder- one serving in the morning and one in the afternoon. Add a Body Health Greens packet to one of the meals (or drink it separately) and add a Body Health Reds Packet to the other meal. The Greens and Reds powders taste pleasant (or drink it separately)

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also available at a lower cost at our clinic

Again, this protocol may not be for you. Also, if I’ve not advised you to use it, you should seek the advice of a medical consultant before using this protocol.


Regarding the taste and texture of the shake. Some may find it unpleasant and have difficulty consuming the shake as I have designed it. Most will get used to it over time and not be bothered by the taste and texture. However, if you find it unpleasant, then do not add the fiber as that is usually the ingredient that impacts the taste and the texture. The fiber is important, but you can get fiber through other foods or use other supplements.

Another fiber option is Thorne Fibermend

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Food substitutions or additions to the protocol

Some may want to add some real food options to this protocol which is fine as long as the foods are organic, toxicant free, and do not contain added sugars, high glycemic carbohydrates, or unhealthy fats high in linoleic acid such as vegetable oil, corn oil, soybean oil, canola oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, or grapeseed oil. You also must account for the calories if you wish to lose weight.

For the morning shake

-You can eliminate the whey or plant-based protein powder (but you need to still use the essential amino acids) and add 2 pasture raised eggs or a cup of good quality/high protein yogurt.

-If you wish to add carbohydrates, you can add organic steel cut oats and organic berries or a sprouted grain slice of bread or English muffin with organic honey (but watch the sugar content)

-You could also add a Body Health Nutrition Bar which most find very enjoyable, and it has a good nutrient profile.

  • Body Health Nutrition Bars- They taste great and have excellent ingredients and a good nutrient balance. They also contain additional essential amino acids, and they have 9 grams of fiber

-Body Health Bars (mocha chip, Coffee, Blondie, Brownie)

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also available at a lower cost at our clinic

For the afternoon shake-

-You can eliminate the whey or plant-based protein powder (but you need to still use the essential amino acids) and add a portion of pasture raised grass fed beef, a portion of seafood, or another good quality food-based protein. You could make a salad with organic non-starchy vegetables and a source of plant-based or animal-based protein with an olive oil or avocado oil-based dressing.

-You could also add a Body Health Nutrition Bar which most find very enjoyable, and it has a good nutrient profile.

This protocol will evolve over time as I continue to deepen my understanding of nutrition and how to optimize human systems. As it does, I’ll modify the protocol.

Essential Amino Acids

When it comes to protein, it’s important to understand that not all protein is the same. Different sources of protein (beef, fish, eggs, plants) have different nutrient profiles. In addition, different sources of protein have different amino acid profiles, some are more complete and optimal than others. Finally, different types of protein have different utilization rates. Utilization rate refers to the percent of the protein that the amino acids that make up the protein can be utilized for the structural and functional needs of the human body.

In addition, gut health significantly impacts your ability to effectively digest and absorb protein. If you have inadequate stomach acid production, you will limit the digestion of the protein and other nutrients. In addition, if you have deficiencies in digestive enzymes, you’ll not be able to break apart the protein into an absorbable form. Finally, if you have gut lining integrity issues, you may have challenges absorbing the amino acids from the protein into your bloodstream. Unfortunately, gut health issues are very common in our time. Making matters worse, you need the amino acids in order to repair the lining of the gut, create stomach acid, and synthesize digestive enzymes. This means that protein deficiency begets protein deficiency.

If you have gut issues, you need to focus on a comprehensive gut healing protocol if you want to optimize your digestive function and your health. I have separate resources available in video and written form that outline protocols for gut healing and the tests available to evaluate the health of the gut.

If gut health is a potential issue for you, you may benefit from adding supplemental digestive enzymes and stomach acid support. In addition, making sure you chew your food thoroughly is very important. I have listed one supplement that provides support for stomach acid production and digestive enzymes on the list below.

Amino acids are divided into two categories, essential and non-essential. Essential means you can only get them from your diet. Non-essential means you can get them from your diet, but your body also has the ability to create them. It’s important to make sure you get all amino acids needed for protein synthesis from your diet, but it’s especially important to make sure you get an adequate amount of the essential amino acids. Maintaining adequate levels of amino acids, especially essential amino acids, optimizes protein synthesis, and allows your body to repair itself and maintain function.

In my experience as a physician, the vast majority of my patients benefit from adding supplemental essential amino acids to their diet. The bioavailability of the essential amino acid supplement I recommend is 99% and creates almost zero nitrogen waste product. In addition, the calories associated with the supplement are negligible. It does not create a blood sugar response or insulin response and can be used for many different reasons including maintaining lean body mass while losing weight.

I utilize essential amino acids in both tablet and powder form as part of my daily protocol. I strongly recommend that all my patients do so as well. In addition, I make sure my wife and children take them on a consistent basis.