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Make the choice to become your best, healthiest self. We will help you learn how to proactively take care of your body and mind – by getting expert advice from Dr. David “Gus” Vickery and our experienced team.

“Dr. Vickery has mastered the art of distilling the most transformational body, mind and spirit optimization techniques into simple, easy-to-understand concepts that the general population can immediately implement. His book has a seasoned, reasonable and practical approach to mindset, willpower, stress mastery, nutrition, sleep, movement and beyond...Authentic Health will change your health and life forever, in a very good way.”

Ben GreenfieldHuman Performance Consultant,

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“When you’re having fun and feeling joyful, that’s attractive to others. You’ll become a source of positivity and well-being for those around you, which will help influence your friends and family to find their way back to good health, too.” – Dr. Gus Vickery, “Authentic Health”

Start Here: The 6 Key Healthy Habits

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Change Your Health Habits Now to Change Your Life Tomorrow.

Important Note: If you prefer a quick fix, a shortcut, a one-size-fits-all diet or fitness program, or you want to “lifehack” your health to see results now… Dr. Gus Vickery’s authentic health plan is NOT for you.

The beauty of Authentic Health is the journey you embark upon to work from the innermost part of your brain to the outer self.

Using Dr. Vickery’s principles from Six Key Health Habits, you’ll form life-changing positive behaviors that are true to you and your health goals:

⇒  If you are tired of being sick and suffering from chronic illness…

⇒  If you are unhappy with your weight…

⇒ If you are exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed…

⇒  If you don’t feel like your best self…

Then it’s time to make a choice. You have to desire better health. We can help you achieve it.

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