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The Design of the Mind and Body Part 8

We’ve emphasized through this entire series that we must treat our body and mind according to their designs, and we’ve discussed a very simplistic version of what that means. We’ve discussed how, like a car, our body must be given the right information and the right care to function well for us, and that if provided the right information, the body is well designed to thrive, and to feel good, and to experience health and longevity.

You must be the one to see to it that you provide your body with the right information.

But it’s also very important to minimize, if not eliminate, the wrong information to your body.

The Wrong Information

We now live in a time where we’re constantly exposed to the wrong information, and it’s making us sick. It has become normative in our culture. This is not the truth of human ancestry, or we wouldn’t be here. We would have never survived if we were constantly exposed to the wrong information. We would be different creatures than we are because our genetics would be different. Those genetics allowed us to become what we are based on receiving the information that allowed us to thrive.

While we’ve always experienced stress and fear, and had to use our fight or flight systems occasionally, we’ve never been exposed to it in the way we are now.

What about the wrong information? The wrong information damages your body. It makes it sick. It takes your health from you. It causes you to feel bad. We should never have desired it, but those who provide us this wrong information in the form of many of the goods and services of our modern marketplace understand how to manipulate our brains so that we would actually want their products. They did this by manipulating our mind and activating our reward system. They understand our minds better than we do. It’s not a conspiracy; it’s just a way to make money. They figured out how to push the buttons of our pleasure centers so that we would continue to purchase whatever they were selling us.

Almost all the goods and services that we’ve become addicted to have some activity in our reward system. They create a brief rush of pleasure followed by a letdown. We feel like we really need the stimulation. We need to escape how bad we’re feeling.

What makes us feel so bad? Fear makes us feel bad, and our society sells us fear. It keeps us afraid because that causes us to become reactive. We stop living and thinking out of our higher mind, and only react from our lower mind when we live in fear.

There are many sources of bad information for the body. I’m just going to focus on a few.

Sources of Bad Information


The first would be the foods you eat. If you eat fake foods, junk foods, fast foods, minimally nutritious foods, you are making yourself sick. You’re making your mind and body sick. It doesn’t matter how much you say you like or prefer them, ultimately they’re bad information for your body. They will create disease. They will manipulate your eating behaviors and potentially cause you to gain weight. It’s much like the fuel you’d put into your car; if you don’t use the right source of fuel, you’ll break your car down.

But it’s actually far more complex than that because food has so much information that informs our minds and bodies. You must get the best quality and most comprehensive information if you want to have the best experience of life you could.

Stress and Fear

While we’ve always experienced stress and fear, and had to use our fight or flight systems occasionally, we’ve never been exposed to it in the way we are now. Everywhere we turn, there’s bad news. People push fear all the time. They manipulate our emotions and try to make us reactive and angry. This makes us sick.

We must stop exposing ourselves to all this negative information and allowing it to manipulate our thinking. We must stop judging everyone and ourselves. We must stop being so afraid. This is bad information for your body.

Physical Inactivity

A sedentary lifestyle is not good for us. Our bodies are designed for movement and thrive when we move. We must embrace physical activity as a fundamental aspect of life. It’s the design of our body, and we must honor it. We don’t have to go to the gym and be exceptionally well-conditioned. We don’t have to look perfect in our bathing suit, but we do have to use our bodies and pay attention to our bodies.


We have to get sleep. Just as your body is designed to be active, sleep is required to properly rest and recover. It’s a non-negotiable habit of good health. Without it, your mind doesn’t work properly and you may suffer from poor memory function, exhaustion, mood swings, illness and more.

Doctor’s Conclusion

There are a lot of other forms of bad information for our body. Toxins, pollutants, improper breathing, poor quality hydration, absence of minerals—the list goes on and on. But it’s really not that complex.

Stop being afraid, and stop exposing yourself as much to negative sources of information. Stop judging yourself and others. Focus on positive emotions. Get the rest that your body needs. Get outdoors and move your body. Stop eating food that’s making you sick, and start embracing the food that makes you well.

Ultimately, it’s quite simple. Treat your body and your mind according to their design, and you’ll be rewarded with good health and long life. We never know how long our life will be, because something may happen, but at least as long as you live, you’ll feel good, be healthy, and be living the life you choose.

You’ll never experience the health you’re designed for if you don’t honor the fundamental design of the mind and body. If you want more help with this, please see our additional resources.

There is an uncomplicated and understandable truth about health. I want to make it easy for you. Join me. Like me on Facebook.