A Personal Letter from Dr. Gus Vickery

About Precision Nutrition

We offer a large library of Precision Nutrition resources. I chose Precision Nutrition for my nutritional training. They are a highly reputable and effective organization and my experience with them leads me to believe they are the very best at what they do.

Precision Nutrition has decades of established, evidence-based nutritional coaching success. The clients who follow their program typically get the results they desire. They are serious about the evidence they use to support their recommendations.

Precision Nutrition focuses primarily on a balanced approach to developing a personal nutritional platform that supports your best health. I actually agree with this approach. They do not identify any specific foods, other than poor quality foods, as unhealthy for consumption. They focus on changing habits one step at a time in a direction that supports your best health. They also produce resources that discuss concepts like ketogenics, fasting, and the gut microbiome.

I believe that the overall approach Precision Nutrition uses is helpful for everyone.

Because of my association with Precision Nutrition, I am able to make these resources available to you. I would encourage you to use these resources. There are helpful infographics on how to enjoy eating more vegetables and how to intuitively understand portioning your foods.

I would also remind you that I am a strong believer that you must individualize your diet. I believe that the overall approach Precision Nutrition uses is helpful for everyone. However, depending on your genetics and your current conditions, you may need to eat less protein or less carbohydrates. You may need to consider timed feeding intervals or forms of fasting. Or maybe you want a structured approach to transforming your eating habits and behaviors? For you, we have a 9-Week Ultimate Weight Loss Nutrition Program which is a FREE resource.

We try to help you understand how to individualize your diet based on your specific issues and circumstances. If there’s some element of the Precision Nutrition teaching that deviates from what you believe is your best approach based on your individualization pattern, then I would stick with what you know works for you.

Nonetheless, I believe you’ll find these resources very helpful for understanding the role nutrition plays in supporting your best health. I hope you enjoy these resources. Many of them mirror some of our other teachings. In many cases, I chose not to create an additional teaching resource because I feel like Precision Nutrition has already done it better. 



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These are your resources to use. We hope you learn healthy lessons that you implement in your daily life.