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My main focus is your best health. I am after you feeling your best and experiencing your best health. I want you to be free from chronic diseases and any other factors that take your energy from you.

How we arrive at that place is not my primary concern.

There are many ways to arrive at the healthiest version of you.

image by Ian Schneider

I am not dogmatically attached to any one methodology. There are some fundamental principles that govern this pursuit. They have to be honored, but otherwise, there are many different routes to get there. In the book, Authentic Health, I teach those fundamental principles. It’s the roadmap. You have to stay on the map to get where you want to go, but there are many paths on the map to get there.

image by N.

Again, whatever path takes you to the healthiest version of you is fine by me.

I’m only attached to the outcome of you being your healthiest self and whatever method will get you there. I’m not here to cite scientific study after scientific study to convince you of the things you need to do. I’m not here to validate my authority as a physician by using complex language and citing data to you. I am here to give you the overall lay of the land, a basic map you can work with, so you can begin your journey on solid footing.

My understanding of metabolism and nutrition and brain science is founded on very solid evidence. But I also know that over time, our understandings change, and what we thought was true at one point turns out to have a different interpretation at a different time.

The methods I’m proposing to you have no potential harm. They cannot take you in the wrong direction. They definitely can help, and they probably will, but there is no way for them to harm you.

You cannot wait on the industrialized food scientists to prove the absolute truth about nutrition and your health. It will take too long, and it’s doubtful they will ever give you the conclusions that their foods that they’re producing are in fact making you sick. You’re going to have to step out on faith that what I’m saying could be true and cannot harm you. You should at least move in this direction.

image by John Jackson

Your life is lived now, and you have to take the right actions now, so that you can have your best life. You have to decide that now is the time to change your mindset. You can’t wait on some future date, where the definitive proof arrives that sugar is actually an addictive and dangerous substance, or that other processed foods damage our bodies. Maybe at some future date there will be definitive proof that sugar is perfectly good for us. However there will never be any proof that avoiding sugar is harmful for us. I really doubt there’ll ever be any proof that it’s good for us.

If you’re not experiencing your best health, if you’re not feeling the way you would like to feel, if you have health issues, then you need to get on the map and you need to get started.  I can help you build a strategic mindset for success. Join me on the path of authentic health.