But our current healthcare system treats you like one.

You deserve a custom-tailored healthcare plan and support program that fits your one-of-a-kind life…so you can feel your best, spend time where it counts, and stop wasting money on needless medical expenses.

As you’re reading this, the current system of health delivery does not provide personalized health care.

What happens when you visit a doctor’s office? Typically, insurance-based office visits are designed to be time-constricted encounters with as minimal engagement with your physician as possible.

Why? Because insurance companies and large health care providers are not focused on YOU. They’re focused on protecting the fiscal interests of the powerbrokers of the healthcare industry.


You are an individual.

It is important for you to know that you are not a population.

Your unique health needs cannot be explained by population health algorithms or data reports.

Your genetics, nurturing, environmental exposures, and lifestyle habits all combine to create your infinitely unique human being.

Most individuals have never truly experienced an optimized state of health. But that can change…starting today.

All of us, including you, should have access to the resources necessary to become our healthiest selves.

When you are healthy, you can spend your day enjoying high levels of energy, positive emotions, biomechanical function, and cognitive power.

You can experience…


“In all of my years as a patient of Dr. Vickery, I have always been treated with the upmost care from not just him, but the entire staff. As a patient in his Personalized Heath Program, I have learned so much in my path to wellness. The individual attention, extensive bloodwork, and research put forth on his behalf far exceeds that of any other medical professionals I have experienced. Dr. Vickery’s passion and knowledge in his field is undeniable, as well as his ability to effectively communicate ways to improve my overall health and wellbeing.”
— Todd Campbell, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®


“I have always been blessed with good health and good health care – but I’ve never had an engagement like the one that I am experiencing with Dr. Vickery. Here is a true partner and advocate that spends time looking into how I can be in the very best condition. We are already seeing improvement in almost every metric. I can’t recommend this highly enough!”
— Ann Ashley, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CFN Vice President of Talent and Organizational Development, Biltmore




How It Works

What is Personalized Healthcare?

Personalized Healthcare with Dr. Gus Vickery is an exclusive program that gives you direct access to an experienced, professional practicing physician who recognizes all the unique influencers and contributors to YOUR health…and uses those influencers to design a road map to feel your best.

STEP 1: Fill out the form below to learn more about the program, get details about payment and meeting dates, and make sure it is a good fit for your goals.

STEP 2: Once in the program, you’ll schedule your first 90-minute consult with Dr. Vickery and begin onboarding and completing your labwork.

STEP 3: During your first consult, Dr. Vickery will show you your customized health plan, including all influencers and contributors to your health. Biometrics will include key genetic markers, key nutrients, markers of inflammation and oxidative stress, hormonal health, metabolic health, cardiovascular risk assessment, neurotransmitters, and chronic stress markers.

Your service can include health optimization and longevity, reversal of chronic diseases, weight loss, hormone management, nutritional coaching, supplement guidance, sleep improvement, and strategies to reduce stress and improve well-being. Dr Vickery can also provide guidance on advanced strategies such as photobiomodulation, PEMF devices, use of cold and heat exposure for health and many other tactics to optimize health. 

STEP 4: You’ll receive continued support from Dr. Vickery in a group webinar every month while you follow your plan. You can schedule more sessions with him as needed and depending on availability.


Investment In Your Best Health

Level 1 Personalized Healthcare

$2,500. Your Level 1 program includes:

  • Your first-time 90-minute consult with Dr. Gus Vickery

  • Your one-of-a-kind personalized health plan that maps out recommendations for your next year

  • All lab testing: blood tests, urinary neurotransmitter labs, salivary adrenal testing and more

  • A monthly group webinar with Dr. Vickery

Level 2 Personalized Healthcare

$4,000. Your Level 2 program includes:

  • Your first-time 2-hour consult with Dr. Gus Vickery

  • Your one-of-a-kind personalized health plan that maps out recommendations for your next year

  • All lab testing and diagnostics: blood, urinary neurotransmitter, salivary adrenal testing, and more

  • Monthly group webinar with Dr. Vickery

  • 2 Follow-up sessions with diagnostics, labs, and additional coaching

Additional Sessions

$1,000. Additional individualized sessions with Dr. Vickery can be booked on availability and include diagnostics as well as a 30-minute consult in person or by phone.

Additional services can include gut microbiome assessments, hormone replacement therapies, peptide therapies, and more extensive genetic and epigenetic testing and counseling.

To participate in Personalized Health with Dr. Vickery, you must fill out the form below. Spaces are limited and may be subject to a waitlist.



Do You Live in Asheville or the Surrounding Region?

Region includes 25 miles radius around Asheville.

How did you hear about this program?

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“Dr. Vickery’s personalized health program has been the cornerstone of my personal health transformation. At 52, I made the decision that my chronic autoimmune diseases required more than just symptom control. Dr. Vickery’s holistic approach to medicine resonated with my own belief about an overall approach to wellness. With Dr. Vickery’s intense engagement, the personalized health program has helped me take the necessary steps to become truly healthy. The program embraces the power of the relationship between doctor and patient—making the two parties teammates in a successful outcome. I believe the personalized health program is the model for how health care should be provided in the 21st century.”
— Marty Weil


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my spouse join the program? Will we have the same consult together?

Yes, your spouse is welcome to join the program as a separate individual at either Program Level, and there is a spouse discount. Each of you will receive separate, confidential meetings, labwork, consults and support.

What kinds of conditions can Dr. Vickery address?

Dr. Vickery can address a vast spectrum of health goals in the Personalized Health Program. Chronic conditions include: diabetes, chronic weight gain and obesity, sleep issues, mood and anxiety issues, chronic gastorintestinal issues, biomechanical health, hormonal conditions and many more.

Does acceptance into the program mean I’m now a patient at Vickery Family Medicine in Asheville?

If you are accepted to work in Personalized Health with Dr. Vickery, please note that you will be consulting together under the personalized health program and only local residents may enroll as a primary care patient as well at Vickery Family Medicine.